Films (en soms een tekening of schilderij).

The Descendant (working title)
The devil tricks a woman in travelling to a village on the Dutch countryside where he has created one of his layers. During her stay she begins to change and the immense powers of a witch that have lain dormant in her bloodline slowly rise the surface.  Did he bite off more than he can chew?
Two women hide a dead man in an autumnal forest. He wakes up again the next day. In a flashback it becomes clear what happened and why. Now that everything is different, the man struggles with his karma and the hereafter. 
(Short Film released 2012)
Kill Mode
In a gritty near future, an ex–freedom fighter reluctantly returns to the fold after discovering a disturbing secret that could bring down the company that owns the world.
(Feature released 2019)

production manager
In split screen we see both a utopian and a dystopian day in the life of a girl called Sam.
In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a young woman with supernatural abilities tries to protect a scavenging child while fighting off a group of dangerous marauders who want her to fight in their arena.  (Feature released 2017)
Love and Engineering/Arcade
production manager
Tired of the futuristic war zone that is his home, Arcade is relieved to be contacted by his friend Bobcat, as he has something important to discuss.

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